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With all the conflicting information out there, it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of pills, programs, health foods and magic potions — trying them all without experiencing any real results or seeing any progress.

It’s time to take a more holistic, functional approach to attaining your goal with the accountability to keep you on track. It’s time to address the root causes of what’s preventing you from releasing weight and providing your body with the support it needs to perform and look its best.

Here at the Women's Comprehensive Health Center we want to help you not only lose weight and regain confidence in your own skin, but to address the underlying metabolic conditions that may be halting your results.

Using our mobile app, nutritional plan and cleansing system, we want to provide you with the tools and tactics that are formulated to support your body’s needs, to give your fat-loss journey a kick start and help you maintain progress.

Introducing the 28-Day 
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The Accountability You Need 

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Hi, I'm Dr. Laurianne Scott. 

I am a Board Certified OB/GYN Physician and Integrative Medicine Specialist in practice for 20 years. I would like to share with you how my medical expertise can make a difference for you. 

After 10 years in practice, I found it challenging to solve my patients’ complex medical problems in the traditional way, meaning writing prescriptions and not really getting to the root cause of the problem. After all, prescription medications can have a lot of undesirable side effects. That's when I turned to integrative medicine, a way of treating patients with a completely different medical approach. By using supplements, nutritional changes, lifestyle modifications, specialized testing, medical procedures and when appropriate, medications, I was able to significantly improve the health and well-being of my patients. I am proud to have spent the last 10 years supporting my patients with a truly comprehensive medical practice. I am able to meet patients wherever they are on their health journey whether starting a new path to health or continued maintenance. Guiding patients toward long-term, sustainable healing and health is my achievable goal. 

If you are ready to begin a new life-changing journey to wellness, I invite you to join my program. 
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